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Plans for all levels

Whatever your level is the plans can suit your IELTS needs. You can practice real time mock tests under exam conditions.

Standard - FREE PLAN

Whether you’ve taken the IELTS exam before or not, you can use our practice tests for all your IELTS needs! Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening is included with all our tests.

  • FREE Level Test Checker
  • FREE Live Lessons on FB
  • FREE Video Lessons on YouTube
  • FREE Facebook Group Access
  • 2 x FREE Full Simulated Mock Tests (1 x Attempt Only)
  • Student Dashboard (Limited Features)
  • Reading & Listening Mock Tests (Academic and General Training) (Limited Features)
  • Speaking & Writing Tests (Limited Features)
  • No Credit or Debit Card Required
  • Writing Support, Marking & Feedback
  • Speaking Support & Feedback
  • Progress Reports
  • Customised Feedback
  • Extra Practice Quizzes & Worksheets (Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing)
  • Unlimited Practice
  • Live Tutor Chat


Pro - PAID PLAN - Monthly & Yearly


Looking to upgrade? Our monthly and yearly plans can suit all your IELTS preparation needs.

  • FREE Level Test Checker
  • FREE Live Lessons on FB
  • FREE Video Lessons on YouTube
  • FREE Facebook Group Access
  • Fully Simulated IELTS Mock Tests
  • Student Dashboard
  • Reading & Listening Mock Tests (Academic and General Training)
  • Speaking & Writing Tests
  • Writing Support, Marking & Feedback
  • Speaking Support & Feedback
  • Progress Reports
  • Customised Feedback
  • Extra Practice Quizzes & Worksheets (Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing)
  • Unlimited Practice
  • Live Tutor Chat
  • 7 Days FREE Trial (Credit or Debit Card Required)
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Was: £35.99/Monthly

Now: £12.99/Monthly

(Save 60% - £12.99 per month)


Was: £150.99/Yearly

Now: £85.99/Yearly

(Save 60% - £7.99 per month)

How we help

We have a team of specialists who have worked hard to create an amazing selection of practice tests.

Smartphone, PC, Laptop or Tablet - 24/7 Access

Self-study 24/7 using your personal device, PC, Laptop or Tablet computer. Study when you want and have access to everything 24 hours - 7 days per week!

Specialised Resources & Flexible Learning

We've cracked the code to get a band 7! Using our expert formula, techniques and specialised materials, which are based on past IELTS tests your success will be guaranteed!

Proven Success

Join students from all over the world who achieved their target score of a band 7 or higher! Check out our testimonials below. We have 1000's of students who have passed using our course.

Band 7 Results

All our materials have been proven to maximise your chances in getting a band 7 or higher. That's why 95% of our students got a band 7 or higher.

Success Measurement

Our platform allows you to track your progress. You will get a band score for your full mock tests under exam conditions. Extra worksheets will allow you to learn techniques to pass with a high score.

Band Score Improvement Guaranteed

You are guaranteed to improve your band score with our course. Try our basic plan for FREE or try our Pro plan FREE for 7 days.


How do I sign up?

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Is it free to sign up?

You don't need a credit or debit card to sign up for our Standard plan. You can sign up and try the course for FREE! Not only that, but you'll be able to log in and preview all the courses we have available. FREE members will get access to 2 x full mock tests, a free level test, some worksheets and quizzes.

Sign up here to upgrade to our Pro plan and get access to the full course.

Our pro plan includes a 7-day free trial, which will give you the full experience. You will need a credit or debit card to process your order, but you can cancel at any time. Your credit or debit card will be pre-authorised, before your 7-day free pro plan free trial starts. Please make sure you have available funds if you wish to try the pro plan, as you will need a valid credit or debit card with sufficient funds available.

How does it work?

Once you sign up, you will get access to your student dashboard. You can sign in from there. Sign up here. You should also join our FREE Study Group on Facebook here, which is where we will post lots of free tips, free videos and information about our classes. Our YouTube channel is also up and running with FREE lessons already uploaded and more on the way soon!

Why should I sign up?

The average student who studies using self-study gets a band 5.5 overall, so that's why you need access to expert practice tests, video lessons and materials, which will help you to reach your target score. Our expert tests are based on past exams, which will maximise your chances. We also use our expert formula of band 7 techniques through our video lessons, which will help you to learn all the tricks, tips and techniques to pass the exam with your target score. It's 100% free to sign up and join our classes!

Do you have any other plans to focus just on one area?

We changed our plans to suit the needs of all our customers. We have now made one plan, which includes: Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking support, so you just need one plan to work on everything. You can use our plans to work on any area of your choice!

Do I need a certain level to sign up?

No because, our lessons cover everything from a lower level upwards, so you will be able to progress no matter what level you have!

What timings are your classes available?

All classes are recorded after we do the live session and your access to the course is 24 hours per day - 7 days per week, we then upload our classes to Facebook and YouTube. This allows us to run the course at a low-cost and there is no fixed schedule. All the courses are self-study and allow you to learn at your own time and own pace. We run live classes directly on Facebook, YouTube and our Facebook Group subscribers will have access to extra information with even more tips!

FREE live classes will run from Monday to Sunday - 9am to 9pm - GMT time on Facebook every week!

How does it work?

You can watch our video here to see how the course works. However, the best way is to sign up, and you can access it for free, so you will get an idea on what's included and how it works.

Do you have a FREE Trial?

Our Pro plan includes a 7-day FREE Trial. Sign up here.

Can I get add-ons to work with a tutor?

Our Pro plan includes the option to have tutor support. You will get writing and speaking feedback. You will also be able to chat to your tutor live about your learning needs, assignments or any concerns.

How can I pay?

You can pay using a major debit/credit card, and we also accept PayPal! We can also accept your payment in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin for our yearly plans using a bank transfer or a crypto wallet. Please email us if you have issues paying using a debit/credit card, and you do not have PayPal. We will give you the information you need, so you can pay using a bank transfer or crypto.

Do you have any money-back guarantee?

Our Pro plan has a 30-day money-back guarantee included, and you also get a free trial for 7 days, so there is no need to worry. Sign up here.

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"I signed up for the free classes, but then I used the pro version. It's fantastic!"

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- Rupa (India)

"The pro plan gave me all the support I needed and helped me to pass the exam"

- Ivan (Bulgaria)

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