10 Band 8 IELTS Task 2 Essay Words To Use

Below are a list of 10 band 8 IELTS task 2 essay words to use in your essays: 

1) Disproven 

Example: It was found to be disproven 

2) Inextricable 

Example: We can easily say there is an inextricable link between the two. 

3) Digress 

Example: It's important not to digress from the fact that..... 

4) Categorically 

Example: It is difficult to categorically say whether it's true or not. 

5) Concur 

Example: I concur that crime among teenager has risen these days. 

6) Irrefutable 

Example: The issue of whether climate change needs to be addressed is irrefutable 

7) Notably 

Example: I do agree with the topic in question. More notably due to the recent media articles about x and x.

8) Compelling 

Example: It provides a compelling arguement  

9) Myriad 

Example: While there are indeed a myriad of solutions - the one I propose is...

10) Nonetheless 

Example: Nonetheless, it can be argued that ..........

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