10 Reasons Why The IELTS Is The Best English Exam

10 Things You Need To Do To Pass IELTS The First Time Around

The IELTS exam is taken by over 1.2 million people per year from students or candidates wishing to emigrate abroad every year. This number has said to rise up to 2 million as of late, as the exam becomes even more popular.  

1) The IELTS exam is used for Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, US and UK immigration for student visas and to prove English proficiency.  

2) The exam is very difficult to cheat in, as it's standardised. Writing and speaking are formally assessed, so it's not just a multiple choice exam where you can just guess the answers and maybe even pass!  

3) The exam is well-known and well established.  

4) The exam is also recognised by employers, so this means it looks great on your CV!  

5) Many different countries use IELTS - even non-English speaking countries who have courses that are taught in English - for example, Switzerland, which has some hospitality courses also uses IELTS for their courses, as the courses are taught in English.  

6) Test centres are widely available, so this means many people around the world can take the exam.  

7) Studying for the exam is pretty straightforward and you can even prepare online!  

8) It's challenging, which means it is in high demand. It is not an easy exam, so it looks good if you actually pass it.  

9) It is used for doctors and nurses or other professionals who wish to work in the UK for example.  

10) The IELTS exam truly proves your English level and this means it is widely adopted, well recognised and accepted internationally.  

All-in-all - the IELTS exam may not be the easiest English proficiency level exam out there, but it is by far one of the most well-established and well-recognised ones out there, so this makes it so rewarding for candidates and students who need the exam to achieve their goals. 

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