7 Steps For A Good Writing Task 2 IELTS Essay

You will need to the following to have a good essay:  

Step 1: Assess the question correctly Step 2: Set the statement of the essay clearly Step 3: Identify the question by answering it correctly Step 4: Demonstrate your knowledge behind the topic using your writing skills Step 5: Plan your essay using the brainstorming technique Step 6: Demonstrate clear structure, linkage and depth behind your ideas Step 7: Demonstrate good vocabulary (lexis) and grammar mastery

What else will examiners look for?  

Ideas should be formed well, be linked together with clear structure and clear grammar.  

The writing should be easy to understand and someone without any knowledge behind the topic should be able to understand exactly what you want to say.  

Top Tip!: You cannot simply write anything down from the top your head and then submit it thinking you will pass the writing exam. It should be a well-written piece of work with a planned essay that is both clear and easy to read or understand.

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