Band 7 IELTS Reading Techniques 

Reading for IELTS can be a tumultuous task for some students who don't read often. You will be required to read quickly, match different sets of information or headings and understand complex texts, which is quite challenging for students who simply don't have a higher level of English. By using different techniques we can easily comprehend a reading text and ace the IELTS exam with a band 7 quite easily. 

Step 1: Always skim read the text - never read the text word for word. Try to get the gist. 

Step 2: Always underline any words you don't understand and use the text to comprehend the meaning - synonyms are often used, which try to confuse the reader. 

Step 3: Always check the questions thoroughly, as the questions can help us to understand the text and help us to find the relevant information. 

Step 4: Use scanning to scan for any keywords or when matching headings. This is especially important for true, false or not given sections. 

Step 5: Always answer all the questions and leave out any questions you can't answer right away. At the end leave extra time to answer the questions you missed. Make sure you give an answer for all the questions. 

Reading comes with time and it's a skill that you need to master, but using the above techniques you can be on your way to improving your reading techniques and this will help you to ace the IELTS exam with a band 7 or higher. 

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