Canada Remains The Favourite For IELTS Takers In 2019

Canada Remains The Favourite For IELTS Takers In 2019

With the ever-changing immigration policies around English speaking countries such as American policy changes for migrants and the Brexit in the UK. Canada is becoming the favourite among people who speak English as a foreign language. This is because of Canada’s overwhelmingly popular Prime Minister and a much more favourable, open and tolerant attitude towards migrants.  

Canada’s immigration asks for a band 6 overall with a band 6 in each module for IELTS – reading, listening, speaking and writing. However, Australia asks for a band 7, which many candidates simply cannot pass, as they lack the proficiency level or dedication to reach a band 7 level. Australia is still a very popular place, as is Britain, but Canada’s more open attitude, which makes it easier for people to emigrate and the fact that Canada is hoping to welcome more migrants to Canada means that Canada is becoming the top favourite country among IELTS takers.  

Canada has a low population compared to the size of the country. A strong economy, a Prime Minister who is well liked and is seen as the Switzerland of North America, as it’s well-liked. Canadians are known to be friendly, welcoming and helping people to settle in, so this all works in its favour. While the climate may not be to everyone’s taste. Canada is a beautiful country and there are vast landscapes with cosmopolitan cities like Toronto, which make it very attractive. Vancouver also gets voted the best place to live very regularly and newer cities like Calgary in Alberta nestled between the famous Lake Louise and Banff National Park make it a popular place too. Vancouver is only 2 hours from Seattle, so Canadians can drive over to take part in some American style shopping in the many shopping outlets. Nevertheless, the French speaking part of Canada with unique history and architecture like Montreal are also top places for tourists and migrants alike.  

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