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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Use the section below to find out more information about our courses and the exam. If there is anything we have not covered do not hesitate to contact us via email or the online chat facility. 

1) Does your course include video? 

Yes, of course it does. Video lessons are included with the Silver & Gold courses only. 

2) Does your course cover both academic and general preparation? 

Yes, of course! Just don't forget to let your tutor know which exam you are taking. We will then ensure this is reflected on your learning platform, so you have the right questions for the correct exam. 

3) Can I try the course before I buy? 

Yes, of course. Try our FREE trial here

4) What if I don't like the course? 

We have a 30 day money back guarantee. However, this does not include buyer's remorse. If you specifically can state what you don't like we will try to add an extension and resolve this for you. However, you should think carefully before signing up, as we do not simply give refunds for buyer's remorse or a change of mind. T&C's Apply* 

5) Do you guarantee me a score of band 7 or higher? 

No, we do not, but we can guarantee an improvement of your score. You will have to study hard if you want to see an improvement. See information about our band score guarantee below. 

6) Can I see a sample of the feedback for your essays? 

Yes, of course - you can see a sample feedback for one of our essays here. We mark all our essays using MS Word and we also send a feedback form with our essays with your estimated band score. The feedback form can be found here.

7) Do I need a certain level to join the course? 

Not at all! We welcome anyone from all levels or backgrounds. Even students with a lower level of English. However, if you are aiming for a band 7 or higher you should ideally have an intermediate to upper-intermediate level. Check your level here

 8) Can you help me to check my level?

Yes, of course try our free level test here

9) Can you help me choose my course?

Please email us at to get help about which course you need. You should provide the following when you email us. 1) If you have taken the exam before 2) Your previous scores - example R 6, L 6, W 6, S 6. 3) When you plan on taking the exam. 4) Which exam you need (General or Academic) and why you are taking the exam. You can also use our course selector chart below to help you. Alternatively, click here and provide us with your email. We will send you an email with further information about our course.

10) Can you provide me with your course or sample schedule? 

We cannot provide our course or task schedule, as it includes top secret information given only to our students to ensure they progress on to a band 7 or higher. Each student on the Silver & Gold course will receive a task and course schedule to know which tasks to complete in order to maximise their chances in the exam. This is customised and unique to our course. However, you will be able to see what's included in our video course in our course information pack. 

11) Will you give me a certificate? 

We offer certificates for our top students for their academic excellence, participation and behaviour. These are selected at random by their tutor. We can also offer a certificate of attendance. Your official IELTS certificate will be given by your local test centre pending successful completion of the exam.  

12) Can I talk to a tutor to discuss the course first? 

Our team are happy to help if you want to discuss any of our courses. Send us an email, as we would love to hear from you.

13) Are the test fees included in the course? 

Your test centre will require payment to book your exam. These fees should be paid directly to your local test centre. 

14) Can you help me find my local test centre?

You can find your local test centre by visiting the IELTS website here. 

15) Can you help me to book my exam?

Students are responsible for booking their exam and our course is only for the teaching and preparation of the exam. Students should book their own exam at their local test centre. All queries related to results or booking your exam should be with your local test centre.  

16) Can I purchase for a friend or family member? 

Yes, of course just let us know the email of the candidate when you sign up and we will enroll the candidate directly.  

17) Can I purchase for some overseas? 

Yes, of course just let us know the email of the candidate when you sign up and we will enroll the candidate directly.  

18) How can I pay? 

All payments should be made directly via our website. We use Stripe payments to process our payments. All payments are on a monthly basis every 30 days and all our courses include a FREE Trial. 

19) What is IELTS? 

IELTS stands for International Language Testing System and it’s an exam taken mainly for emigrating or studying abroad.  

However, it can also be taken for professional development purposes.

There are two types of the exam:  

The general module – this is mainly for immigration purposes.  

For example – the Canadian, UK, US or Australian government may ask you to take this type of exam to prove your English level proficiency in order to obtain the relevant work or emigration visa clearance.  

The academic module – this is mainly for students wishing to study abroad. However, this exam is also taken by doctors and nurses wishing to work in the UK to register with the GMC (General Medical Council).  

20) How does the exam work? 

The exam is normally taken at your local test centre. Reading, Listening and Writing will be taken together. Reading lasts for (60 mins), Listening (30 mins) and Writing (60 mins). This is all done in one sitting of 2 hours and 45 minutes. The speaking test is 11-14 mins - depending on your test centre you may take this on a different day or all on the same day. In total the test will be just over 3 hours if taken all on the same day. The Listening & Speaking will be the same for both Academic and General training modules. The Writing Task 1 exercise will be different - for General training it is normally a letter, which can be formal or informal. For Writing Task 1 for Academic training it will be to describe a graph, diagram, map or process. Task 2 writing is the same for both exams. The reading texts for general and academic tests will vary. You can find samples of the questions and more information on how the exam works on the Official IELTS website.  

21) How does the exam scoring work? 

Can you pass or fail the exam? There is no pass or fail for the IELTS exam. It is scored according to band scores. For example - band 5, band 6 or band 7. Most students aim for a band 7 or higher.  

22) What happens after I sign up? 

You need to wait for 24 - 48 hours for your username and password. You will get three emails. - 1) Your confirmation email. 2) Your first task (assignment) from your tutor. 3) Your username and password.  

23) What if I don't hear anything after 24 hours? 

Do make sure you check all your spam, trash and folders in your email. You will most definitely get your confirmation within 24 - 48 hours as a maximum. Most enrollments are completed on the same day if you sign up during our office hours. 99% of our enrollments are completed within 24 hours.  

24) What do I need to study on the course? 

All assignments are completed using MS Word or via our study platform. You can study on your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet computer. You may need MS Word or Open Office. You will also need a device with access to the internet. That's all you need! Do note that we do not accept handwritten submissions, as the course is 100 percent online. To access the course you will need an internet connection.  

25) How many writing tasks are included? 

You can submit writing on an unlimited basis using our study and quiz centre, which is our online learning platform. You will also get a list of topics from your tutor and these should be worked on weekly to ensure proper progression and development of your skills. We recommend 1 x task 1 and task 2 exercise per week. Silver course members cannot choose free topic essay topics for task 2 and will have a limited number of set tasks. Gold members will have the opportunity to submit free topic tasks for both task 1 and task 2 writing tasks. 

26) How many speaking classes do I get? 

You get 5 x speaking classes with our Gold course, which are submitted via our platform and website.  

27) How many reading and listening tests do you have? 

We have 20 full reading tests and 20 full listening mock tests. You will also get 10 shorter reading tests and 10 shorter listening tests. In total it's around 60 or more. We are also adding a full mock test including reading, writing, speaking and listening under full exam conditions for our candidates studying on the Gold course.  

28) What qualifications do your teachers have? 

All our teachers have the relevant teaching qualifications, as well as a British degree from a UK university. The majority of them hold 5 years of experience teaching experience teaching English and 10 years of experience in teaching IELTS, which is why our students get such fantastic support and results. They also have a CELTA, Trinity CerTESOL or DELTA, which are required if you want to teach English to speakers of foreign languages. Unlike other courses we use the highest qualified IELTS experts and teachers to maximise your success. We do not use former students or people with no teaching experience.  

29) Can I use the speaking classes at any time?  

Yes, of course you can. Our speaking classes can be taken 24 hours per day, as it's done via a recording.  

30) If I renew is it possible to keep the same teacher as before or continue where I finished last time? 

Yes, of course you can, but if you had a long pause or cancelled your course then signed up again you will lose your test scores. It is important to stay renewed and keep your account active to keep your scores recorded on the system.  

31) Can I take a break or delay my start date? 

As the payments are taken monthly you can pause your course at any time, but just give us 3 - 5 working days notice. Ideally, you should not delay your start date, as once you sign up you will be automatically enrolled.  

32) Do I need to study at a fixed time or completed deadlines? 

We have no fixed deadlines, but we recommend submitting and completing the first task assignment within 3 days. You should aim to participate once per week in terms of your email assignments. You should log on to the system daily, but there is no fixed time you need to study or deadlines. We offer complete flexibility for students, which enables students to study at a time suitable for them.  

33) Will you provide me with a course schedule or study plan?  

We will provide you with a unique course schedule and study plan to maximise your chances of reaching your goal of a band 7 or higher. 

34) How can I renew my course? 

You do not need to renew, as all our courses renew automatically every 30 days. 

35) What if I need to travel or take a break during my course? 

You can stop at any time, but once your course starts the days will start rolling. It is important to check if you are free before you start your course. You can stop or restart again without any notice. However, it might be advisable just to let your tutor know of your circumstances.  

36) Can I work and study at the same time as your course? 

Yes, of course you can. Many of our students work full-time and have busy home lives in addition studying on the course. However, we do recommend having at least 2 - 3 hours spare every day to study on the course.  

37) Do you accept busy working mums with two small children? 

We will most definitely accept you on the course and we will accommodate you as best as we can. We have many busy mums with one or more children working towards their goal of getting their IELTS score.  

38) Do you offer just speaking classes? 

We no longer offer stand alone speaking classes, but you can purchase the Gold course to work on your speaking skills. You are more than welcome to use the Gold course only for speaking.  

39) Do you offer offer courses for non-IELTS takers? 

All our courses are open to anyone. Whether you are serious about taking the exam, whether you just want to improve your English or whether you are taking IELTS for professional development purposes. You are more than welcome to choose any of our courses.  

What Can I Use IELTS For?


Suitable (Yes/No)

Module: (Academic or General)

Canadian Immigration



Australian Immigration



UK Immigration


General or Skills For Life IELTS

GMC (General Medical Council) Registration 



Study in the UK, US, New Zealand, Canada or Australia



New Zealand Immigration



Nursing, Midwifery, Pharmacology or Dentistry in the UK 



Nursing, Midwifery or Physiotherapy in Australia



Professional Development


Academic or General, but if you are thinking about emigrating then you should choose the General exam. Do note that results are only valid for two years. However, it can serve as an excellent tool for professional development to prove your English proficiency skills. 

Internationally Recognised:

IELTS is widely accepted by over 5000 institutions around the world including the UK, US, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand immigration. It is internationally recognised all over the world. You can also use it to register with the GMC (General Medical Council), Nursing and Midwifery Council, Dentistry, Ophthalmology, CIPD and many more fields, which need qualified workers in developed countries like the UK, US, Australia, Canada or New Zealand. The previous number of IELTS takers a few years ago was around 1.2 million in one year. It is now expected to reach around 3 million takers in 2018 and beyond.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our courses are have been designed by world leading experts and teachers who are experts in the IELTS exam. This is why we have had a phenomenal rate of success among our students with over 95% of our students reaching a band 7 or higher. This is largely due to our expertly designed custom materials, practice tests, video tutorials, expert techniques and secret formula to ensure our students maximise their level of success in the exam.  

Our courses are protected by our 30 day money back guarantee and a band score improvement guarantee below. 

*Please note that T & C's apply. See here for further info about our terms and conditions. 

Band Score Guarantee

Our band score guarantee is included with our Gold course. It guarantees you will have an improvement of 0.5 in one or two areas after completing our full course. It is a mark of quality of our high teaching standards and practice tests to ensure you get the support you need. Simply signing up does not guarantee you will have a level of improvement, so this is important to note. However, we can 100% guarantee that if you follow the course with your tutor you will see an improvement in at least one or two areas. To qualify for this guarantee you must submit your most recent official IELTS transcript with your photo. You will also have to log over 80 hours of study time on the learning platform as a minimum and submit one assignment per week on a regular basis. If you do not improve in any area and meet all the criteria as per our T & C's we will offer a 100% refund to you without any further questions. 

*Please note that T & C's Apply to become eligible for our band score guarantee programme. See here for further info about our terms and conditions. 

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