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  • Access to unique custom-made resources by our examiners 
  • Specially designed course schedule, which includes all the tasks and courses you need to get band 7 plus
  • Reading & Listening Modules
  • No support via email
  • Course length: Monthly
  • £10 per month

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  • Access to our unique custom-made resources by our examiners
  • Specially designed course schedule, which includes all the tasks and courses you need to get band 7 plus
  • Reading, Writing & Listening Modules
  • Full writing module support via email to ask tutors to mark your work (24 hours per day) 
  • Limited Task Submissions
  • Course length: Monthly
  • £20 per month

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  • Access to our unique custom-made resources by our examiners
  • Specially designed course schedule, which includes all the tasks and courses you need to get band 7 plus
  • Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking Support Online
  • Full writing module support via email support from our tutors (24 hours per day) 
  • Unlimited Task Submissions
  • 5 x Speaking Classes Online (Renewed Every Month)  
  • Band Score Improvement Guarantee 
  • Course length: Monthly
  • £35 per month

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30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Our courses are have been designed by world leading experts and teachers who are experts in the IELTS exam. This is why we have had a phenomenal rate of success among our students with over 95% of our students reaching a band 7 or higher. This is largely due to our expertly designed custom materials, practice tests, video tutorials, expert techniques and secret formula to ensure our students maximise their level of success in the exam.  

Our courses are protected by our 30 day money back guarantee and a band score improvement guarantee. Read our FAQ section for more information on our band score guarantee. 

*Please note that T & C's apply.  

Band Score Guarantee

Our band score improvement guarantee is included with our Gold course. It guarantees you will have an improvement in one or two areas after completing our full course. It is a mark of quality of our high teaching standards and practice tests to ensure you get the support you need.  

*Please note that T&C's Apply to become eligible for our band score guarantee programme. See here for further info about our terms and conditions. 

How Does It Work?

  • Expertly designed custom tests based on past exam questions.
  • A unique learning platform through self-study and the support of a highly qualified tutor offering blended learning to ensure you get your target band score. 
  • Band 7+ Techniques, which have been designed by our expert tutors who have so much experience teaching IELTS. This is why more 95% of our students got a band 7 plus or higher. 
  • Full mock tests for reading & listening, which allow you to test yourself under full exam conditions with a timer. 
  • Expertly designed video tutorials and quizzes for each video to test your learning. 
  • A platform which enables both students and tutors to monitor your progress. Tutors can access your scores and this will help them to teach you in a more productive and effective manner by ensuring you have all the information you need. 
  • Writing & Speaking is assessed by a real tutor under exam conditions for the Gold course. You also have the opportunity to submit unlimited writing tasks with an instant model answer!
  • Speaking classes can be taken by recording your sample 24 hours per day. No need to book or wait for an appointment, as you can record or submit your speaking at any time. 
  • Expert practice testing via our online portal using a login available 24 hours per day. Login using your mobile, PC, Tablet or Laptop from anywhere.  


Writing support via your email tutor is only included with your Silver & Gold course. You can submit writing on your course to your 1-2-1 personal tutor via email 24 hours per day. You will get feedback within 24 to 48 hours. You can also submit writing on our learning platform - the study & quiz centre. Silver course members will have access to limited tasks and may not choose their own free topic essay questions for task 2 of the exam. You can practice writing on an unlimited basis and choose your own topic on the Gold course for both task 1 and task 2. Do note that we recommend 1 x task 1 and task x 2 writing task per week for the best possible results. However, if you progress at a good level you can submit more assignments. All our courses with the exception of the Basic course also include expert video lessons for writing with tutor assessed activities - for example - how to assess the question, how to write an introduction, word count, how to give examples, how to write a conclusion for both task 1 and task 2 of the academic or general training module. Writing tasks are submitted via email using MS Word, Open Office or Google Docs. You can also submit your writing assignments via our platform. Please note that we do not accept handwritten submissions for your tasks. 


All our courses include access to our reading tests. We have over 10 smaller reading exercises and 20 full custom reading mock tests with a timer and the ability to simulate exam conditions, as well as receive your estimated band score at the end of the tests. The Silver or Gold courses include extra reading support using our video lessons.


All our courses include access to our listening tests. We have over 10 smaller listening exercises and 20 full custom listening mock tests with a timer and the ability to simulate exam conditions, as well as receive your estimated band score at the end of the tests. The Silver or Gold courses include extra listening support using our video lessons.


Our Gold courses include speaking support. The Gold course has speaking classes, which you can submit via the online voice recording tool Vocaroo. This enables students to submit a speaking sample 24 hours per day without any booking. The Gold course has 5 x speaking classes for you to use every month. Please note that classes do not rollover, so you must use your allowance within the month. Your classes will not carry over to the next month if you do not use them.  

Why Us?

  • Excellent Track Record & Testimonials 
  • 95% Pass Rate With Students Getting Band 7 or Higher 
  • Well established and reputable company founded in 2013
  • Expert teachers who specialise in IELTS holding the highest of English teaching certificates and a British degree. All our tutors are native speakers of English.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does your course include video? 


2) Does your course cover both academic and general preparation? 


3) Can I try the course before I buy? 

Yes, of course. Try our FREE Trial here.

4) What if I don't like the course? 

We have a 30 day money back guarantee. T&C's Apply*  

5) Do you guarantee me a score of band 7 or higher? 

No, we do not, but we can guarantee an improvement of your score. You will have to study hard if you want to see an improvement. See information about our band score guarantee for more information on our full FAQ page. T&C's Apply*  

6) Can I see a sample of the feedback for your essays? 

Yes, of course - you can see a sample feedback for one of our essays here. We mark all our essays using MS Word and we also send a feedback form with our essays with your estimated band score. The feedback form can be found here

7) Do I need a certain level to join the course? 

Not at all! We welcome anyone from all levels or backgrounds. Even students with a lower level of English. However, if you are aiming for a band 7 or higher you should ideally have a intermediate to upper-intermediate level. Check your level here

8) Can you help me to check my level?

Yes, of course try our free level test here

9) Can you help me choose my course? 

Please email us at to get help about which course you need. You should provide the following when you email us. 1) If you have taken the exam before 2) Your previous scores - example R 6, L 6, W 6, S 6. 3) When you plan on taking the exam. 4) Which exam you need (General or Academic) and why you are taking the exam. You can also use our course selector chart below to help you. Alternatively, click here and provide us with your email. We will send you an email with further information about our course. 

10) What happens after I sign up? 

You need to wait for 24 - 48 hours for your username and password. You will get three emails. - 1) Your confirmation email. 2) Your first task (assignment) from your tutor. 3) Your username and password. 

 11) What if I don't hear anything after 24 hours? 

Do make sure you check all your spam, trash and folders in your email. You will most definitely get your confirmation within 24 - 48 hours as a maximum. Most enrollments are completed on the same day if you sign up during our office hours. 99% of our enrollments are completed within 24 hours. 

12) How can I pay?  

All payments should be made directly via our website. We use Stripe payments to process our payments. All payments are on a monthly basis every 30 days and all our courses include a FREE Trial. 


The course really helped me to get a band 7. The system with the practice tests for reading & listening under full exam conditions is amazing. You even get your estimated band score at the end. The writing support via email is truly amazing. The tutors are so amazing, supportive and helpful. 

Dawid - Poland - Band 7

I got my score with Online IELTS. They are reputable and only use the best teachers. The resources and mock tests were great. I really enjoyed the course.

Marco, Italy - Band 8

I wanted to emigrate to Australia, so I needed quite a high score. I studied with Online IELTS and was immediately relieved at the wealth of resources available. The system is easy to use, but the tutors are really well qualified, which provides an excellent learning experience overall. I would recommend the course to my friends and family.  

Koshi - Japan - Band 7.5

I was a repeat IELTS taker and needed IELTS to study in the UK. I improved my score in only 30 days due to the expert tips, video tutorials and much more. It was so much easier than studying at a college, as I could study from home and access the course from my smartphone, tablet computer or laptop to complete my assignments. The course is so well-organised and really well designed. I cannot thank my tutor Simon enough! 

Maria - Spain - Band 7

I used the course for immigration to Canada and I got my score. The video lessons are well organised and accessible via your mobile phone, tablet or PC. You can study from anywhere and submit assignments to your personal tutor via email. The tips and wealth of resources really helped me to reach my maximum potential. 

Luciana - Brazil - Band 7

Online IELTS helped me to emigrate as a doctor to the UK. I had previously tried other courses both online and face-to-face, but I just wasn't able to improve until I used Online IELTS's expert tutors and materials. They are truly a wonderful group of experts, who are not only professional, but know the exam inside out. 

Dr Mohammad, Bangladesh - Band 8

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4.5/5 Score Based On 583 Reviews 

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