How Stefan Got A Band 8 With Our Course In 30 Days

How Stefan Got A Band 8 In IELTS

The following section focuses on how our student Stefan from Zurich got their target IELTS score. Furthermore, it focuses on what he did and he give us his personal tips to help other students emulate his success. 


Stefan is from Zurich, Switzerland and he wanted to study in London. He needed a band 8 in each module and an overall of band 8 or higher. He achieved this with our course in 30 days. Stefan was a repeat IELTS taker, so it’s important to note he already had previous scores of band 7 or higher.  

Here are some of Stefan’s top tips and advice:  

We sent him the following questions and we have summarised his responses.  

How did you pass the exam in 30 days?  

I took proper time to prepare without rushing. I had already done the exam at least 2 times before and my last scores were around band 7 to 7.5 with a band 8 in reading and listening. Writing was my weakest score and the Online IELTS course is excellent when it comes to teaching writing for the IELTS exam. My speaking was a band 7.5, but in my first exam I had a band 8.  

How did you organise yourself?  

I organised myself by making a schedule using the study skills, which is a free course provided by the course.  

How did you improve your writing skills?  

I worked on it regularly with a submission of one task 1 and task 2 every five days, but I spent time to review all the samples and information given.  

How did you improve your speaking?  

The course has speaking included, so I was able to submit a speaking sample for assessment by my tutor.  

How did you improve your reading & listening?  

With the full practice mock tests on the study & quiz centre. They have excellent video tutorials now and these are absolutely excellent. You even have tutor assessed sections on the learning platform, which is really great!  

What did you do prepare for the day of the exam?  

I reviewed everything carefully.  

How do you think our course helped you?  

The course helped me, because of the expert knowledge – highly trained teachers and expert resources. Online IELTS are true industry leaders and experts in terms of preparation for the IELTS exam. There is nobody who can beat their experience or level of expertise. Their video tutorials are now included with the course and include excellent techniques for writing, speaking, listening and reading. You also get study tips, vocabulary and lots of useful extras for FREE. Their custom practice tests are like the real exam, as they are timed and you get your score on the system. You can also review your answers and teachers can also see your score, which is useful for them if you have any questions. You can login with your username and password 24 hours per day on your tablet, smartphone or PC. 

How did your teacher help you through the process?  

My teacher was knowledgeable and graded me fairly, which helped me to improve further.  

What was your band score?  

I’m really proud to say I got a band 7 overall. My full breakdown is as follows:  

Speaking 8  

Writing 8  

Reading 8  

Listening 8  

What are you doing now?  

I’ve living in the UK now and I think IELTS will help me to settle in the UK permanently. I’m planning on studying medicine to become a doctor in London.  

What’s the best tip you want to offer to other students?  

Take time to read all the information, plan your studies and take notes. You should also make a study schedule.  

Why should others choose our course?  

The specialised techniques, expert tips and their unique resources can really help students to achieve their target score. I have scored the course below.  

Value for money 5/5  

Expert resources 5/5  

Teaching Staff 5/5  

Score: 5/5

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