How To Get A Band 7 In Ten Easy Steps

Step 1: Prepare a good schedule. If you only have Thursdays off and can only study at weekends. You need to get realistic. It will depend on your current level, but you need to study everyday. It’s every day or don’t bother. That might sound harsh, but that’s reality. Studying is a skill, so you need to study every day. Not all students will need to study every day, but most will. At the end of the day it will depend on the following. If you have taken the exam before. Your current level of English and how quickly you pick up things. You might feel like you’re reading this and think you fit in to the latter, but not everyone will pick up things immediately. Some people need more time and there is no use rushing. Plan a schedule and stick to it. Every day - that means Monday to Sunday. Not Monday one week, not Monday to Friday one week, not Monday to Thursday one week - it means every single day.  

Step 2: Don’t book your exam too early. Booking your exam too early is counterproductive. If you don’t get your score by booking it early and keep receiving low band scores you will just feel less motivated. Take the exam properly you don’t need to waste money on fees by taking the exam 5 times and wasting your money on the exam fees. Plan your studies properly and don’t rush yourself. If you’ve never taken the exam before it may be useful to do a mock test to check your level after around three months. This will help you to assess where you are going and what you need to work on. If you’ve taken the exam before here’s a guide on when you should book the exam again. Hopefully one of these situations will match your own situation, so you can use the guide to give you an indication on when is a good time to re-book your exam. At the end of the day you have to follow your tutor’s advice, so do not ever book the exam without your tutor’s approval.  

Step 3: Be determined. You have to be determined to succeed. You cannot quit, stop studying or have any long gaps.  

Step 4: Be consistent! You have to be very consistent and stick to your schedule. Study regularly and no long gaps or pauses please.  

Step 5: Follow your tutor’s advice. You have to follow all your tutor’s advice carefully and do not try to think you know better. Follow their advice properly and clearly to get the results you need.  

Step 6: Avoid distractions - avoid major distractions like long trips abroad, parties and so on, as you need to focus on your studies. Big projects at work will not be realistic if you need to pass the exam in a certain timeframe.  

Step 7: Do not rush yourself - plan your studies properly and more importantly be realistic about the outcome.  

Step 8: Get help! Our course is fantastic to provide you with the help you need, but get extra books if required, extra support in the form of a private tutor at your home or extra classes at your local English school if possible. You need to do everything possible to pass. The more the better!  

Step 9: Be prepared to invest in yourself with a reasonable amount of money. You cannot be tight when it comes to your education. If you only want to spend £35 pounds for 2 months and expect a miracle you need a reality check! Stop dreaming and come back to reality, as will need to invest a reasonable amount of money if you are serious about passing. Education costs money and if you want high quality education you have to be prepared to pay for it.  

Step 10: Do not give up! You have to be extremely strict with yourself. If you want to lose weight you need to be consistent. If you want to win a race you have to keep on training. If you want to prepare for a body building competition you need to practice regularly to sculpt your physique. If you want to win a cooking contest you have to practice your recipes regularly. Everything is a skill - just like swimming, driving and so forth. Learning a language is exactly the same. Watch loads of English TV, listen to English radio, practice your English as much as possible. Read English books every day and immerse yourself in English. You need to read the newspaper and online articles in the form of news, journals or books every single day. You need English to be in your mind and fresh in your mind if you want to pass. This is absolutely essential to retain good levels of grammar for speaking, listening, reading and writing. All areas of English are linked, so reading books, watching TV and listening to the radio are free ways to immerse yourself in English for FREE! Most of all they help you to develop your skills cognitively without you even noticing a difference until later on. If you do end up with a score that you did not want or expect - do not give up! Try, try and try again! You have to be determined to succeed if you want to pass with a band 7. Nothing is impossible, as even the word impossible spells the word possible itself. 

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