IELTS Writing Task 1 - Academic - Sample Exercise 4 - Answer

Title: La Chinitanana Olive Oil Production Process


Describe the main features on the process and describe how the process is completed. 

Word count: 

150 words  

Top Tip: 

Only state what is shown on the chart, diagram or map. You are not required to give your opinion on what you think could happen or what may have happened. Stick to the facts. 

Model Answer: 

The diagram above depicts the olive oil production process for La Chinitanana olive grove. The olive grove has over a 1000 trees planted according to the diagram and these span over 25,000 sq feet. It is approximated that the olive grove produces up to 5 gallons per year.  

According to the diagram, the months of October, November and December are an important time, as this is when the olives become ready for the harvesting phase of the process. However, it is important to note that the olives must be of a certain colour – green to purple to make the olive oil correctly. Furthermore, the diagram suggests that the olives should be harvested around mid-November by the 1000 workers who come to work on a seasonal basis. They stay at the farm from September onwards.  

The first part of the process involves processing the olives within 24 hours and this is done after all the leaves and branches have been removed from the olives. Green olives are brined for the table and packaged up to sell on to supermarkets.  

Lastly, the pressed oil is sealed almost immediately. Thereafter, a sample of it is sent out to check the quality of the oil. After the oil has been correctly inspected it is then sold on to supermarkets all over the world. It is approximated that La Chinitanana sell or export up to €50,000 euros worth of olive oil per annum. 

Band 7 

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