IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay 1 - Crime Among Teenagers Band 7

Title: Is crime among teenagers on the increase nowadays? Provide some reasons why this may be the case and provide some possible solutions for this issue. 

Nowadays crime among teenagers is arguably a continuous problem issue around the world. Teenagers who are still in school, are getting crime records for crime such as joy-riding, anti-social behaviour and vandalising public property. The biggest question being asked is why? Teenagers should be focused on school work not terrorising local communities. This topic will be further discussed within this essay.  

Undoubtedly, one reason for the crime rate increasing in teenagers is the constant need for acceptance. Crimes such as drunk-driving or doing drugs are often committed because of peer pressure and the wanting to be accepted into a certain group. A survey showed that 3 out of 5 teenagers, aged between 12 and 17, had attended a party and drank alcohol. It is noticeable how the young trying to emulate and are influenced by the people around them. The media in terms of how movies and gangsters are portrayed also play a role in this type of hedonistic and party behaviour.  

Furthermore, another reason for crime rate increasing is because of family problems. A significant number of teenagers, have a problem at home and feel they can not talk to anyone about family issues. In this case, the crimes are committed because the teenagers find it a release from the home pressure. Besides, family budgets can be stretched and this may cost losses for teenagers, for instance a mobile phone, an iPad or iPhone. It goes without saying that arguments with parents can cause a teenager to commit a crime. It does not necessarily follow that crime rate among teenagers will be increasing in the future.  

Good parenting skills can help teenagers focus on their school. Not only that but also good parenting skills, are basic for teenagers actives and positions. Most of the teenagers that have their parents to support them tend to set goals to their lives and put pressure to them self to make their dreams come true. So, they stay focused on what they want to do and they are not influence by what the other teenagers do. Additionally, community involvement is a good way to decrease crime rate. For example active involvement in sports, cultural, religious group can help teenagers to keep busy and foster pro-social skills.  

In the light of the above, crime among the teenagers is a major problem that tortures our society. The rate of crime reached a peak in last 10 years. However let us hope that the following years will be better and the rate will plummet to an all-time low.  

Examiner's Comments: This piece is a band 7 due to the excellent flow of structure, good usage and command of the English language. Furthermore, there are clear examples with valid and contextual points.  

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