IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay 4 - Healthcare Band 7

Title: Healthcare costs are extortionate in some countries, while in some countries healthcare is free. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having free healthcare? 

Free healthcare is an excellent idea and free healthcare has been a massive success in the UK with the introduction of the NHS (National Health Service). However, this topic is refutable and this essay will examine this issue in further detail, before coming to a conclusion regarding this highly contentious and interesting issue. In my country, you have to give a bribe to the doctor even though healthcare is supposedly free. Doctors do not earn so much, so this helps you to get seen and treated much more quickly. There are many advantages to free healthcare, for example, you can access it and have expensive operations done without remortgaging your house or taking out a loan. Healthcare in the UK is not free or any healthcare system, which claims to be free, as it comes out from your taxes. One of the disadvantages of a free healthcare system is medical tourism is also a huge problem as seen on the BBC programme Hospital, which highlighted how medical tourism from people coming overseas to get free treatment has cost the NHS over £150 billion pounds in unpaid fees. Unlike the US they are treated and sent a bill later, but many locals are angry about this - even the EU citizens who live in the UK and pay their taxes are annoyed about this situation. One such instance was a woman from Africa who came to have quadruplets and racked up bills of up to £450,000 - to date she insists she cannot afford the bill and it has not been paid. On the other hand, healthcare costs in the US are extortionate. If you are poor - you literally cannot afford to be sick. To conclude with, free healthcare is an excellent idea to some extent, but there are negative aspects which need to be assessed further. The idea of free healthcare seems to be a good one, as healthcare costs are extortionate and out of reach for the average person who would need to pay for treatment for costly illnesses.

Examiner's Comments: This piece is a band 7 due to the excellent flow of structure, good usage and command of the English language. Furthermore, there are clear examples with valid and contextual points.  

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