IELTS Writing Task 2 - Useful Vocabulary

These useful words can help you to boost your chances of getting a band 7 in your IELTS task 2 writing exam for task 2 of the exam.  

Nowadays These days Concurrently All in all However Furthermore Moreover Wholeheartedly Irrefutable Undoubtedly Similarly Nevertheless Pivotal Ever important Inherently Concur Largely Contentious Arguably Inconceivable Counteract Feasible Infeasible Measures Alleviate Lofty Invaluable Viable  

1) Nowadays - Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone.  

2) These days - These days, people like to go online more rather than watching TV.  

3) Concurrently - He ran an education business concurrently along with his fashion store.  

4) All in all - All in all, it was a great success.  

5) However - She went to the supermarket to get some berries, however, they only had frozen berries left.  

6) Furthermore - They went to the park to have a picnic. Furthermore, they decided to call it a day early, as it was raining in the afternoon.  

7) Moreover - Sheena went to LA to study law. Moreover, she came out with a first class degree.  

8) Wholeheartedly - If you do not agree with your life choices wholeheartedly. You need to think about them a lot more carefully.  

9) Irrefutable - There was irrefutable evidence in the case, so it was taken to trial.  

10) Undoubtedly - John and David went to Turkey last year and it is undoubtedly one of their favourite places to visit.  

11) Similarly - Diana wanted to go to the South of France. Similarly, her friend Eliza wanted to join her during the same week.  

12) Nevertheless - They went to the gym on Saturday, but it was full. Nevertheless, they still enjoyed their work out.  

13) Pivotal - They all played a pivotal role in the case. It would not have gone forward without the excellent witnesses available for the trial.  

14) Ever important - The ever important day of the wedding was looming, but they still didn't have the flowers ordered.  

15) Inherently - We all inherently have our own insecurities, but it's how we overcome them that's important.  

16) Concur - The examiner concurred that the student did not deserve a band 7, as they did not work hard enough or have the correct level of grammar.  

17) Largely - Global warming is largely due to the devastation of the world's precious eco-systems destroyed by mankind.  

18) Contentious - They contentious issue at the meeting was the pay rise, which they had been meaning to bring up for such a long time.  

19) Arguably - New York is arguably one of the most famous cities in America. However, other cities like Chicago, LA and Miami follow closely behind.  

20) Inconceivable - The student found it inconceivable that he did not get his band score. Even though he only studied once before the day of his exam with no preparation whatsoever.  

21) Counteract - To counteract the issue of global warming we must be more conscious of our harmful impacts and actions.  

22) Feasible - They thought that building a large city in the Southern Californian desert would be feasible, but people just thought it was infeasible due to the lack of amenities and proper investment, so eventually it became a ghost town.  

23) Infeasible - The government came up with an infeasible solution to fix the issue of recycling coffee cups by asking customers to pay more to use a cup, but there was major backlash, as the decision was infeasible.  

24) Measures - There needs to be several measures taken before the project can go ahead successfully. One of them will be careful planning.  

25) Alleviate - The doctor can the child some ointment to alleviate her skin condition.  

26) Lofty - The lofty issue of global warming is a contentious one, as many people do not want to talk about it.  

27) Invaluable - Experience in the classroom is valuable, but life experience through travelling is invaluable.  

28) Viable - They still could not work out a viable alternative for the house plan, which was rejected four times. Eventually, they decided they will not expand the garden, as the neighbour rejected this proposal.  

Now make your own examples to practice even further! 

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