Listening Practice 1

Listen to the video here and then answer the questions below:  

Online IELTS Listening Practice 1  

Question 1:  

What is globalisation discussed as?  

A) A complicated topic  

B) A widely discussed topic  

C) A hot topic  

Question 2:  

What can countries do using globalisation?  

A) Exchange information in a less complicated way  

B) Sell products to each other  

C) Travel more  

Question 3:  

Do the two companies have the same customers?  

A) No, they have different customers  

B) They have the same customers  

C) They have no customers  

Question 4:  

Are the products produced for?  

A) Less  

B) More  

C) Fewer  

Question 5:  

What does the speaker say about the world?  

A) The world comes together through globalisation.  

B) There are more McDonalds.  

C) There are less products sold competitively.  

Question 6:  

What does the speaker say about goods?  

A) There isn’t an active exchange of goods anymore.  

B) There is an active exchange of goods because of globalisation.  

C) Goods aren’t exchanged as often as before.  

Question 7:  

Is this statement given true, false or not given?  

Globalisation means more affordable goods are available for people.  

A) True  

B) False  

C) Not given  

Question 8:  

What other types of things are included in the exchange through globalisation?  

 A) Cultural goods, languages, services and products  

B) Food, coffee and bananas  

C) Tea, milk and sugar  

Question 9:  

What are the downsides to globalisation?  

A) The environment often suffers  

B) There is less pollution  

C) There is a lot of air pollution  

Question 10:  

What is a further disadvantage of globalisation?  

A) Sickness  

B) Pollution  

C) Less sick people  

Question 11:  

What does the speaker say about globalisation?  

A) Globalisation is very bad.  

B) Globalisation is fantastic and faultless.  

C) Globalisation is neither good or bad. 

Answers: Q1 - B, Q2 - A, Q3 - B, Q4 - A, Q5 - A, Q6 - B, Q7 - A, Q8 - A, Q9 - A, Q10 - B, Q11 - C  

Note: Please note it's important to note that the above task is not a typical IELTS listening task, but this task can help with your listening skills overall in anticipation and preparation for your IELTS exam. The questions for the real test will be different and the format may differ. Some similarities may exist and these are purely coincidental.  

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