Reading Practice Exercise 2

Read the text below and then answer the questions:  

Poverty and homelessness is a major problem in my country. In my opinion, poverty exists because we rely too much on private charities. This makes governments less likely to do their part. The government holds the responsibility to alleviate poverty – this can be done in several ways. Firstly, I believe they should allocate a special team to resolve this issue and make sure the funds are allocated properly. Secondly, basic needs should be covered like shelter and food. Lastly, it’s important for the government to invest in their people by providing free education. Education is a proven way to alleviate poverty. However, it will also depend on if there are jobs available after studying. Unfortunately, in my country due to the large population and the lack of jobs – along with a very high rate of youth unemployment – many people have left the country to work overseas in the UK, Middle East and other parts of Asia. This will in turn provide major brain drain and greatly impact the economics of a country. I think we should feel ashamed if visitors come to visit our country, but people sleep on the road, as this shows we have an ineffective governmental system, which in turn does not care about the people’s needs.

Q1) Which country is the writer from?  

A) Singapore B) China C) Not given  

Q2) What does the writer say about poverty?  

A) It exists because of the government. B) It is increased due to the heavily reliance on private charities. C) Crime and job instability  

Q3) What does the writer think is the best solution to reduce poverty?  

A) Allocating a special team, the government investing into this issue and education. B) Education & Healthcare C) Charities  

Q4) What does the writer say is the consequence of high youth unemployment?  

A) High youth unemployment leads to a mass exodus resulting in brain drain in the economy. B) High youth unemployment or a large population is okay, because they can go to work overseas. C) High youth unemployment is a good thing.  

Q5) What was the opinion given by the writer for visitors seeing homeless people sleep on the street? 

A) It is unimportant, as they choose to sleep there. B) It is good, because there are rich and poor people everywhere. C) It is shameful for the government and people of the country.  

Answers: Q1 – C, Q2 – B, Q3 – A, Q4 – A, Q5 – C

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