Reading Practice Exercise 3

Read the text below and then answer the questions:  

In my country – women are paid on par with males. I think this is because the government recognised that we have a very small local workforce and we need to employ and encourage active economic participation between both males and females.  

It’s true that in some countries women are paid less and this is unfair, as in my opinion this is very sexist. It’s important to give equal roles to people in society and both males and females working is an invaluable thing in our society. We cannot simply have one or the other, as it’s bad for the economy. 

Women still have a long way to go before they are treated the same, but there are many senior managers who are women and leading major companies all over the world. One such example is Theresa May who is the current British Prime Minister of the UK. She is only the second female Prime Minister. America still hasn’t had a female President yet and some countries are still working towards equal rights. Nowadays we can have many female judges, CEO’s, doctors and lots of equality in society. This is of course a very good thing. One of the reasons women were limited was due to lack of education being given to women. Furthermore, women were traditionally seen to have the role of the house – managing the house, looking after the kids and so on. This is rather old fashioned and times need to change very quickly.  

Q1) The text is about:  

A) Men’s rights B) Child labour C) Women in work  

Q2) What does the writer say about both men and women working?  

A) It’s an invaluable resource to society B) It is wrong and women should stay at home C) Women are good workers  

Q3) What does the writer think is the reason behind women being paid less than men?  

A) Sexism B) Racism C) Religion  

Q4) What does the writer say about the traditional role of a woman?  

A) To look after the house, clean, cook and take care of the children B) To be a judge, lawyer or doctor C) To study  

Q5) What was the opinion given by the writer about education and women in work? 

  A) It is unimportant B) It is key, as women were not given access to education to limit their opportunities C) Not given  

Answers: Q1 – C, Q2 – A, Q3 – A, Q4 – A, Q5 – B  

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