Reading Practice Exercise 4

Read the text below and then answer the questions:  

Lolly Travels was established in 1984 catering to the mass market before the technological revolution. The introduction of IT systems absolutely revolutionised international travel forever. Not only the industry, but the travel booking industry had to undergo massive changes. The company started to change the type of holidays it created to keep up with the demand of the market. The market has changed almost every decade. Bookings to places like Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia and Kenya have seen massive changes due to instability in the respective places. These changes greatly impacted how people travel, as well as where they travel to. Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia and Kenya have all-inclusive options – these are by far the most popular options for these places.  

These are called package holidays. The travellers are picked up from the airport to the hotel – many do not leave the resort and they are also dropped back off to the airport. Excursions cost extra and these can be booked with their holiday rep at the hotel. The hotels also offer a range of activities. These include snorkelling, skydiving, yoga, aerobic swimming classes and much more! The new destinations include the Middle East. Places like Dubai in the Middle East have seen a massive surge in bookings with an estimated 1.2 million Britons travelling there every year.  

The other emerging destination is Mexico. However, Mexico still has a very bad image when it comes to travelling. People think of danger and drug cartels – this image is slowly changing as the country develops and as more people visit there with a trouble free visit. Places like Italy and Greece have seen a drop, but regular visitors who visit every year still go there. However, travellers who like to see something new are avoiding Greece and Italy due to the high cost in terms of food, transportation and quality of the accommodation.  

One traveller Sue – who has used the company for over 10 years said – you get a five star service if you go to Morocco. Even a three star hotel is like a palace, but when you go to Europe – you get a smelly room with flowery curtains. The breakfast has hardly any choice and the bars are not fully stocked. More importantly, the cost of things is far too expensive. Anyone would something cheaper and if they can pay cheaper and get luxury – they will do it!  

Another traveller Mike said he prefers to go to Asia now, as the cost of living is much lower. Even though it takes 10 hours to get to – the accommodation, service and weather is amazing.  

Lolly Travels is set to grow even further and is now even taking bookings via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The company is set to earn £25 million in 2020 and it earned £20 million in 2017.

Q1) The text is about:  

A) Lilly Travel B) Lolly Travels C) The changes in the travel industry  

Q2) What does the writer say about Mexico?  

A) It’s a popular destination B) People have the wrong impression about Mexico C) It’s expensive  

Q3) What does the writer think about changes to Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia and Kenya?  

A) Instability has impacted these destinations B) These are the most popular destinations C) These are the least popular destinations  

Q4) What does the writer say about the bookings to Italy and Greece?  

A) They are far too expensive B) People prefer Morocco, as you get better service and higher quality accommodation, as well as breakfast options. C) They are the best  

Q5) What was the opinion given by Mike about where he likes to travel to?  

A) He likes to travel to Asia as the cost of living is much lower. This makes it much cheaper. B) It is expensive C) Not given  

Answers: Q1 – B, Q2 – B, Q3 – A, Q4 – B, Q5 – A

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