Reading Practice Exercise 5

Read the text below and then answer the questions:  

Sandra has been living in the Santa Teresa neighbourhood of Rio for all her life. She has seen many changes with the new developments in the area. The Olympics and World Cup are amazing she says, but we must consider the what has change for the locals. Much of the poverty today still exists and life remains the same for the locals.  

Santa Teresa and the famous escalaron steps near Lapa have become famous after Snoop Dog – the American rapper filmed his video there. Tourists from all over flock from all over the world to see the colourful steps. There are even luxury boutique hotels in the area now, but life still remains the same for many. Like all central city areas – eventually they become gentrified. Back in the day Brooklyn was a no-go zone. Nowadays, it’s the place the rich want to buy a fancy apartment. It is the first choice for wealthy upper-middle class Americans. Manhattan is a no go zone for even the upper-middle class nowadays says Susan from London who moved to New York ten years ago. Manhattan is far too expensive for people who only have a million to spend. Even a million dollars doesn’t get you much in Brooklyn nowadays. The prices have risen at extortionate levels she went on to add.

Back in Vidigal in Rio – Alberto from Portugal has bought a huge property to convert into a new luxury boutique hotel. The views are absolutely stunning and visitors can walk down to the beach. Vidigal is one of the more recently pacified slums that is now developing. The pacification means the police took control back from the drug cartels, criminals and drug dealers. During weeks if not months of fighting eventually control was clawed back. This was done in order to make the place safer before hosting the Olympics and World Cup games.  

Back in New York in trendy Brooklyn. A local resident, John who has lived in the area for 30 years said that Manhattan people hated to come to Brooklyn before. This was considered the poor side of the bridge. We had high crime and now the only crime we have is serving a non-dairy vegan milkshake in the wrong cup. There are so many art galleries – fancy quaint clothing shops, funky coffee shops, organic food and green smoothies along with matcha lattes have brought Brooklyn into the era of millennials.

Back in London, Susan is at home in Hammersmith. London is still more expensive than New York she says and she would love to live in London, but you can only get a cardboard box for a million nowadays. A shoe box if you’re lucky she went on to add! London’s house prices are absolutely ridiculous and only foreign investors plunder their money laundered money through the London housing market to drive up prices she says. Having lived in New York for ten years she says she finds London like an old village and backwards mentality. Whereas, New York is where the new money went to become old money once again. Back in Santa Teresa, Sandra says she has received an offer for her huge house, but has declined. She doesn’t want to move out of the area she has lived in her whole life. Sandra says many families have moved out to the newer developments in Barra Di Tijuca, but she loves her area and she will not be leaving any time soon.

Q1) The text is about:  

A) Property prices B) Gentrification C) Sandra Figuera’s life story  

Q2) What does the writer say about Vidigal?  

A) It developing B) Poor people have moved out C) The gangs still live there  

Q3) What does text say about Brooklyn?  

A) It’s too cheap B) It’s cheaper than London C) It’s changed a lot  

Q4) What does the text say about London?  

A) London is too expensive B) House prices in London are ridiculously expensive C) London is the best place to live  

Q5) Where have many families moved according to Sandra?  

A) London B) New York C) Barra Di Tijuca  

Q6: According to the text – Brooklyn used to be:  

A) Fabulous B) A posh area C) A no go zone  

Answers: Q1 – B, Q2 – A, Q3 – C, Q4 – B, Q5 – C, Q6 – C

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