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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why do I need to pay £1 pound? 

£1 pound is the application charge required to process your card. This is to ensure your card is valid and active in case you need to continue on the course. We will no longer refund the £1 pound charge, as card providers now charge for refunds, so in line with merchant practices we will charge an application fee for your free trial.

2) Can I sign up without a debit or credit card?  

You will need an active and valid debit or credit card to sign up for the free trial. 

3) Is the trial 100 percent free, and how long will it last for? 

The trial is 100% FREE, and it will last for 48 hours. After this period if you do not cancel you will be charged.  

4) Can I sign up and then cancel? I just want to try it. 

Please do not cancel until after 24 hours of signing up. This is to ensure you have fully tried out the course. 

5) What if I want to keep the course after the trial? 

You do not need to do anything, as you will be enrolled automatically.

6) Can I sign up without a credit or debit card? 

You will need an active and valid credit card with sufficient available funds to sign up. If you do not have available or sufficient cards or an active card we will not honour the application. 

7) What are the benefits of paying monthly? 

You will get extra benefits - such as the ability to use the course as long as you want - 30 days or more. Plus on the Gold course you will get renewable free topic tasks every month and 5 x speaking classes renewed every month. The allowance will not roll over, so you must make sure you use them every month. 

9) Can I sign up and purchase this for a friend or family member?

Yes, of course you can. Just email us after you place your order with their first name, last name and email address.

10) Is the money-back guarantee included for the Silver course?

Yes, the money-back guarantee is included for the Silver course.

11) Is the band score guarantee included with the Silver course?

The band score improvement guarantee is only included on our Gold course.

12) Do you offer yearly plans or the option to pay in cryptocurrency?

Yes, we will be launching yearly plans and the option to pay in cryptocurrency by the end of the year.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Our courses are have been designed by world leading experts and teachers who are experts in the IELTS exam. This is why we have had a phenomenal rate of success among our students, with over 95% of our students reaching a band 7 or higher. This is largely due to our expertly designed custom materials, practice tests, video tutorials, expert techniques and secret formula to ensure our students maximise their level of success in the exam.  

Our courses are protected by our 30 day money back guarantee and a band score improvement guarantee. Read our FAQ section for more information on our band score guarantee.  

*Please note that T & C's apply. 

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