Speaking Practice Test 2

Part 1:  

How are you? Can I see your ID please? Where are you from? Can you tell me about your hometown? Do you work or study?

Part 2:  

Tell me about a conference, event or gathering you attended recently or in the past. You should also say:  

– What the event was – Why you attended the event – What you did at the event – What kind of events people like to attend nowadays

Part 3:  

Does your country have free education? What is the education like in your country? What type of advertising is common in your country? What type of products or things should not be advertised? 

Model Answers: 

How are you?  

I am good thank you  

I am fine thank you  

I am very well thank you  

Can I see your ID please?  

Yes, of course  

Yes, of course – here you are  

Do you work or study?  

I work and study. Right now I’ve been studying hard for the IELTS exam. I also work full-time as a doctor at a hospital in the centre of Athens. I’ve been working as a fully qualified doctor for 3 years now, but I would like to move to the UK and specialise in oncology. That’s the reason I’m taking the IELTS exam.  

Do you enjoy your work?  

I enjoy my work, as it’s very hectic, but extremely rewarding.  

Tell me about your hometown:  

I come from Athens, which is the capital of Greece. It’s a modern European city, but at the same time it has very ancient relics and monuments dating back thousands of years. This is what makes it so special and unique. It’s like an open air museum and you can see the acropolis, a famous monument from many parts of the city. I love my city, as the people, food, and weather is amazing. It may not be as diverse in terms of people compared to London, because the population is a lot smaller, but it’s absolutely great! My favourite part of my hometown is Plaka – a traditional area with picturesque streets and that’s also where I live.  

Top Tip!: Use words like diverse, unique, specialise, hectic, ancient, picturesque – these words will help to boost your vocabulary – however, you must use them correctly!  

Part 2:  

Cue Card:  

Describe a time you visited a unique event  

You should say:  

– What the event was  

– When you attended the event  

– What the occasion was  

Extra questions:  

– Do you like attending events?  

– Why are special occasions important?  

The event I would like to tell you about is my graduation ceremony at university. I attended the event three years ago. My family was also invited and I was allowed to bring two guests. It was a very auspicious occasion, as I completed my studies to become a lawyer. I also passed my bar exam. My parents visited me in the UK and it was their first trip to the UK. I felt very proud that they could make my graduation ceremony and come to see me in the UK – to see where I lived, where I studied, meet some of my friends and visit some unique places in the UK. I took them to my favourite restaurant after for a celebration. I do not generally like attending big events, as I’m a shy person. I do believe special occasions are important, as quite often we are too busy trying to make a life that we forget to live our lives and keep in touch with each other.

Part 3:  

Does your country have free education?  

My country does have free education, but I think the education system is not as great as it used to be.  

What is the education like in your country?  

It is quite good, but many people still go overseas to the UK, Australia, Canada or the US in particular to further their education. 

What type of advertising is common in your country?  

In my country – all types of advertising are common from newspapers, online advertisements, leaflets and much more.

What type of products or things should not be advertised?  

I believe diet pills or misleading drugs – like weight loss things should not be advertised, as they could contain something illegal. I do not believe junk food should not be advertised with the exception of children, as they are not old enough to know about advertising and are very impressionable. However, I believe that most things can be advertised freely.  

Band 7 -  

Examiner's Notes:  

These answers are all at a band 7 level due to a high level of grammar, excellent vocabulary, lexis, range and fluency.  

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