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Online IELTS: Terms and Conditions  

1. All users of the website agree to the EU cookie policy and accept that information may be used to remarket further services of interest and the data may be recorded for marketing purposes, as stipulated by the EU cookie law.  

2. By placing an order you agree to the terms and conditions set out in this legally binding document. This document is binding by law in the UK, worldwide and respective jurisdiction or legal body in the respective location of the client. 

3. All customers agree that no legal action can be taken in terms of grades after purchasing our services. All outcomes are dependent on each case and may vary.  

4. No legal action may be taken against the owner, company or otherwise at any time, as all liability remains that of the client.  

5. The client has the responsibility to provide all information required to process the order to us in a timely manner in order to complete the service.  

6. We do not hold responsibility for outcome of grades or otherwise. These are solely the responsibility of the client. All liability at all times remains towards that of the client.  

7. The term clients referred to in these terms and conditions means customers, the user, buyer, the customer purchasing the service directly or on behalf of someone else. The terms' client, customer, user are used and are used as mutually intelligible phrases within this document.  

8. Other external parties related to the client are ineligible to take any legal action against the owner or our company. Sole responsibility for usage of the service and all liability is at the client's discretion.  

9. By using the service – all users agree that they are aware of the terms and conditions that are available to download on the website. All clients, users, website visitors agree to the terms and conditions set out below by visiting the website.  

10. While the course is online we expect a certain level of behaviour. Behaviour meaning polite emails, respecting the course guidelines and being polite, as well as respectful to your teacher and all staff members.  

11. Attendance, participation, behaviour and observance will be measured in order to give a quality product to the end user.  

12. We guarantee all teachers have a minimum of 5 years teaching experience – accredited qualifications like the CertESOL – CELTA or DELTA and are native speakers of English. We also guarantee that all teachers have extensive IELTS candidate preparation experience sourcing only the best qualified teachers offering the best experience possible for the student.  

13. Attendance/Participation is defined as and used to see how often you have participated on the course measured by how often you submit your tasks. While we have no strict deadlines – regular participation shows a higher level of results – this means you should ensure you are regularly participating by submitting at least one task per week. This will also be measured by the quality of your tasks – a higher number of submitted tasks with many mistakes may warrant a lower level of participation and a fewer number of tasks with a very high level of work completed may warrant a high level of participation).  

14. Participation for the speaking classes is as follows you should ensure you are regularly participating by speaking as much as possible during the classes, preparing your questions and preparing for the classes by taking notes, as well as putting in 110% into your classes.  

15. Speaking classes on the Gold course will last 15 minutes and are to be taken via our website and platform.  

16. Speaking classes will include feedback via email – this will be after each class you submit. You will also get your estimated band score with each speaking class.  

17. Speaking classes must be taken via our platform and do not include video.

18. We do not hold responsibility for speaking classes which suffered from a technical fault or dropped connections at the student's end. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure they have a good working connection to take the classes.

19. Observance is used for the writing element to see how you are following the instructions given by your teacher and if you are unnecessarily repeating questions, if you have followed the marking criteria, recommendations by your teacher and met the submission requirements. Students who complete the assignment with very weak amendments sent back very quickly will also be flagged here). Observance will also include if have followed the course schedule and lessons given or not, as following the course schedule, as well as lessons on the blog will ensure the highest possible chance of passing the exam. Poor observance will also result in a poor behaviour flag, which may result in a penalty or written warning. See the terms and conditions below for further details.  

20. Behaviour for the writing element means answering in a polite way, respecting the system we provide, following the instructions given and meeting the minimum requirements on the course.) Behaviour will also include if have followed the course schedule/lessons given or not, as following the course schedule and lessons on the blog will ensure the highest possible chance of passing the exam. Behaviour also includes following the instructions for the submission criteria and writing professional emails to submit your work. Poor behaviour may be flagged and result in a penalty or written warning. See the terms and conditions below for further details.  

21. Penalties include reducing your right to unlimited submissions if you are abusing these and have poor behaviour, observance and participation.

22. In extreme circumstances if you have been flagged for poor behaviour you may be given a written warning up to two times and subsequently expelled from the course with no refund given.  

23. Completion of the order means that the client has the responsibility to read the terms and conditions prior to commencing the order and these terms and conditions are agreed on the basis that the client has proceeded with the order.  

24. The client agrees that as per our terms and conditions and FAQ section – we offer refunds pending it is done by emailing customer services. The client agrees that legal action may be taken against the client if they claim a chargeback from their bank/PayPal or card provider, as this is in breach of our terms and conditions.  

25. Refunds will only be given if you can reasonably explain why you need a refund. We do not give refunds if you have simply changed your mind. You can choose a later start date if you wish to do so by up to 3 months.  

26. Refunds will vary by case to case and if you have followed all the guidelines and have a high level of participation you will be entitled to a refund. In any case you will be offered the option to have an extension.  

27. Opening hours are from Monday to Friday. You can email us 24 hours per day, but the emails will be responded within UK office hours, which are Monday to Friday 9am – 5:30pm – this is excluding UK Public Holidays like Bank Holiday.  

28. You should be fully aware of the UK Public Holidays and Christmas, as well as New Years Holidays – we will remain open as much as possible, but we will be closed as per UK law.  

29. As a student enrolled on the course you are welcome to download the materials for your own personal use.  

30. We endeavour to let you know if we are closed and which days we will have bank holidays by giving you as much notice as possible. Public holidays do not warrant any extension, as it's the responsibility of the student to check public holidays or if they will be able to take the course without any interruptions prior to purchasing.  

31. All tasks are responded to within 24 – 48 hours, but this period can be extended to 72 hours or more during extremely busy periods. The standard turnaround time is between 2 – 3 working days (weekends are not included).  

32. During quieter periods the office will close – we will give you at least one to two weeks notice, but this will not interrupt your studies in any way, and we endeavour to ensure your studies are uninterrupted. No extensions will be given in these cases.  

33. Teachers are entitled to at least 5- 6 weeks paid holiday and this may be at any time during your course, but we will ensure you are given plenty of notice and that all holidays are not taken consecutively. This will ensure your studies are not disrupted.  

34. All complaints must be made in writing and sent to us via email. The client agrees that all complaints should be dealt with us directly and that using external services to complain is in breach of our terms and conditions.  

35. By using the service there is no guarantee in terms of grades outcomes, results, scores and so forth. These are clearly stipulated within these terms and conditions and no action may be taken against us for outcomes that are not the responsibility of our service, as sole responsibility remains towards that of the client and this is stipulated throughout this document.  

36. Any client wishing to purchase for a friend or family member can do so. Companies may also purchase for their students, but you must clearly ensure that the student knows that you are not the course provider, and we are. No liability will arise on our part for whatever actions you have taken to provide the course to a third party - for example if they do not receive the course details we provide to the buyer email and so forth. 

37. If you are franchising our course or reselling you must let us know prior to doing so. 

38. Any client is free to purchase as many courses as they want without any limitations to resell or purchase for other customers. 

39. All clients must provide the relevant card details belonging to the card owner. Any fraudulent activity will be reported immediately to the relevant agencies. 

40. The data we hold about you will include your name, email address and address provided with your payment. If you require further information on what data we hold about you. Please email our customer service department. All requests for data erasure can be made via email. 

41. Do note that IELTS is the intellectual property of IDP and we are not IELTS. Online IELTS is a registered trademark. All information about the exam or queries about booking the exam, results or otherwise should be made directly with IELTS and IDP or via the British Council. 

42. One-off payment courses customers can delay their start date by up to three months, but must complete the full course after they start it. We will not offer any extensions or pause your one-off payment course unless you can provide a valid reason such as extenuating circumstances. 

43. If you do not let us know your start date after 12 months from the date of purchase. Your course will be expired and no refund will be given. 

44. All students have the responsibility to provide us with their up-to-date candidate information regarding their target score and the reason why they are taking the exam. The candidate information includes why you are taking the exam, if you have taken the exam before and what your target score is. Based on this information we will give you advice on the target score required, but it's important to note that all students must be accountable for finding out the requirements for their particular course or institution they are applying to. All students bear the responsibility with regard to finding out the correct and up-to-date information regarding their required score - such as the minimum requirements in each module and overall score required by the body or institution they are applying to. Each requirement will vary on a case by case basis, so it will be difficult for teachers to comment on the requirements for your specific body or institution. This is something you will have to find out from the admissions team or relevant parties based on the reason behind why you are taking the exam. All information provided by us for target scores or your requirements will be based on the information you have provided to us. 

45. All applications are subject to approval and even if we enroll you we can withdraw your application at any time. If this is a case we will give you a full refund. Your application may be rejected if we feel you are unable to meet our criteria and all applications are approved at our discretion. We will not divulge further information as to why your application was rejected, as each case can vary on a case-to-case basis. However, we may reject applications if we feel you may book your exam too early and not follow the instructions to study in an unrealistic way (study ethic). All students are expected to study in a diligent way with a realistic study goal and timeframe. We may also reject your application based on behaviour and a risk of a potential chargeback. Your application may also be rejected if we feel you may make baseless complaints, display odd or aggressive behaviour to try to claim a fraudulent refund. Furthermore, applications will be rejected if we feel you are an unsuitable candidate for the course.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

1. Students have a 30 day money back guarantee if they do not like the course. This covers if you feel that the course is not suitable for your needs. 

2. The money back guarantee does not cover buyer's remorse or a change of mind policy. This means that if you change your mind you cannot simply ask for a refund. All sales are final and no refunds will be offered if you change your mind. You cannot submit a claim for the money back guarantee if you state that you did not have time to use your course, as it's your responsibility to check if you will have time to use the course prior to signing up.  

3. To be eligible for the money back guarantee you must state why you think the course is not good or suitable for you. 

4. Sickness of a family member or yourself will not be covered by the money back guarantee. 

5. If you no longer need the exam you cannot claim a refund, as all sales are final. 

6. You must email us in writing to claim the money back guarantee stating why you do not like the course or feel its not suitable for you. 

7. Completing the full course and not receiving your score will not mean you are eligible for the money back guarantee. To become eligible for a score improvement guarantee you should choose the appropriate course for your needs. The Gold course includes a band score guarantee improvement. 

8. If you choose the wrong course - for example you had problems with speaking, but still chose the basic or silver course, which do not really help with speaking you will not be eligible for the money back guarantee. Students bore the responsibility to choose the correct course according to their needs and requirements. 

9. If you do not use the course you can ask for a refund after 30 days, but you must not have used any of the resources or accessed any quizzes on the system to be eligible for this. 

10. You cannot get a refund if you excessively used the course and logged over 30 hours on the course, as this means you have fully used the course and most likely enjoyed it. 

11. There is a strict no refunds on the basic course, as this is a low value product, so we will not offer a 30 day money back guarantee for this item. The money back guarantee will be included on the Silver & Gold course only. 

12. You must not contact your card provider to block any payment or chargebacks if you want to claim the money back from us directly, as this is breach and will be considered fraudulent. We will report all fraud directly to the relevant authorities if this is done and to your card provider submitting all the relevant evidence if you have done this. 

13. All money back claims must be made in writing to our email. 

14. You cannot claim contract agreements law or otherwise to claim your money back. Any threats using contract law or otherwise will void your money back guarantee. Any threats made to us regarding a chargeback will also deem your claim void, as we will not respond to threatening or abusive behaviour. 

15. All money back claims must be reasonable and within a reasonable scope - for example, you cannot say you want your money back as we do not accept hand-written submissions even though this is clearly stipulated on our website. You cannot make a claim and say you want your money back, as you cannot submit one or more tasks per day, as our fair use policy for how many tasks you can submit is written on our website. Students have the responsibility to read all the details about the course prior to making a purchase. Therefore, you cannot say for example you want a refund as there are only 20 mock tests, as this is something clearly displayed on our website. This is information previously known to you, so this would not count as a valid reason. 

16. You must use the course and log at least 10 hours on the system, complete the first task assessment and review the getting started video, as well as the course introduction video to make a claim for unsuitability, as this will ensure you have fully checked the course and reviewed everything. We cannot accept a claim if you did not attempt to try the course first unless you did not use it for 30 days, and then we will give a refund, as you did not use it. However, it will be infeasible to suggest you did not like it if you did not attempt to use any of the course prior to making a claim for the money back guarantee. 

17. Special offers or promotions are not included in the money back guarantee. 

Band Score Improvement Guarantee 

1. Our band score guarantee is included with our Gold course. It guarantees you will have an improvement of 0.5 in one or two areas after completing our full course. It is a mark of quality of our high teaching standards and practice tests to ensure you get the support you need. Simply signing up does not guarantee you will have a level of improvement, so this is important to note. However, we can 100% guarantee that if you follow the course with your tutor you will see an improvement in at least one or two areas. 

2. To qualify for this guarantee you must submit your most recent official IELTS transcript with your photo. The transcript should detail your name, your location, your photograph and your full results. It must be the most recent transcript dated in the last 6 to 12 months. After you complete the course pending you meet all the relevant criteria and submit your latest results with your photo transcript if you have still not improved in one or two areas by at least 0.5 in speaking, listening, reading or writing we will give you a 100% full refund! 

3. You will also have to log over 80 hours of study time on the learning platform as a minimum and submit one assignment per week on a regular basis.

4. We will not accept screenshots or other forms of confirmation for your results. Your official transcript must be sent as a PDF file. We will note down these results 

5. We monitor attendance, observation and behaviour, so all these should be above average in order to meet the relevant criteria. If you do not improve in any area and meet all the criteria we will offer a 100% refund to you without any further questions.  

6. You must not rush or book your exam if you want to be eligible for your band score improvement guarantee. 

7. You must study in diligent manner with good behaviour, attendance and observation. 

8. You must have a pass rate of around 70 percent or more on all our quizzes and have watched the full video course completing all the relevant exercises and TTA's - Tutor Assessed Activities. 

9. Simply signing up and retaking the exam does not guarantee you will get your money back. You must work hard, study hard and complete the course fully in the best way to ensure you improve. This includes having a strong learning ethic and leaving around 2 - 3 hours per day to study. If you do not follow your tutor's tips, techniques or advice we will be unable to offer the band score guarantee. All students bore the responsibility to ensure they are progressing and working hard to get their scores. The guarantee is by no means a miracle and merely signing up does not guarantee grades, results - or an improvement in any shape or form. 

Free Trials & Pay Monthly Options  

1. We now offer free trials on all our pay monthly courses. To be eligible for the free trial you must be able to provide a valid credit or debit card with sufficient funds. £1 pound is the application charge required to process your card. This is to ensure your card is valid and active in case you need to continue on the course. We will no longer refund the £1 pound charge, as card providers now charge for refunds, so in line with merchant practices we will charge an application fee for your free trial. Clients using a prepaid card will be subject to extra scrutinity such as a pre-approved charge, which will only be captured if you decide to go ahead after your free trial.

2. If the card provided is declined we will be unable to process your order.  

3. Free trials are 100 percent free with zero obligation to make a purchase, but you must ensure you keep your free trial active for at least a minimum of 24 hours before you decide to cancel. This is to ensure you have fully tried out all the features of the course.  

4. If you sign up and then cancel immediately your free trial will be cancelled, and we will not enrol you.  

5. You cannot claim a refund based on the quality of resources, the system, the questions or otherwise if you sign up via the free trial, as the free trial gives you the opportunity and more than reasonable scope or powers to ensure you have fully checked you like the course prior to signing up.  

6. You cannot claim a chargeback if you are on the pay monthly free trial and used the course actively, then say you didn't want to sign up and it was in error, as your details will be recorded on the system to show if you used the service.  

7. It is the client's responsibility to ensure they cancel before 48 hours to ensure you are not charged unnecessarily. Any client's stating they forgot will not be offered a refund after 72 hours or more, as this is infeasible and beyond a reasonable scope of accountability.  

8. During the free trial you can cancel at any time if you did not like the course.  

9. Client's can sign up on a free trial on behalf of another party if the wish to do so.  

10. Students who are former customers and signed up via the one-off payments can sign up to the free trial to transfer to the pay monthly course at any time.  

11. We will only offer the free trial once per customer. You cannot sign up for multiple free trials just to use the service for free. Clients are only entitled to one free trial at any given time.  

12. Client's must give at least 5 - 10 days notice prior to cancelling their pay monthly course to avoid being charged for the next month. Last minute notice such as on the same day the course ends may result in a charge being made. At least 30 days notice is preferable.  

13. The course will end on the month the payment comes out. For example, the 1st of January, 2019. This means the next charge will be made on the 1st of February, 2019. If you cancel before the next payment date - this will be when your course ends. If you cancel after the day the payment was made - this means your course will end in the subsequent month - for example 1st of March, 2019 - if you signed up on the 1st of January and you cancelled after the 1st of February.  

14. Client's must enter the correct card details to process a free trial. Any false details will result in us reporting you to the relevant local crime authorities. Any fraud will be recorded and reported immediately. Providing false information or false card details is considered a criminal offence. Please do not enter 1234567890 as your card details or false information, such as a false name or false expiry date, as this is considered fraud.  

15. Pay monthly customers will receive extra privileges such as the 5 x speaking classes on the Gold course renewed every month you are enrolled on the course. These classes and the allowance will not carry over, so it is the client's responsibility to ensure the allowance is used every month.  

16. Do note that the allowance cannot be transferred or exchanged in monetary value or otherwise.  

17. You must not sign up to the free trial if you did not intend to use the course. If you sign up and you do not use the course, as you forgot - we will not offer any form of refund for any fees taken. If you sign up and said you did not have time to use the course and forgot to cancel the FREE Trial. You will not be given a refund. You will also not be covered by the money back guarantee. All clients have the responsibility to ensure they are actively checking what they sign up for, checking their bills and statements for any charges and stopping any payments or cancelling the course by simply emailing us.  

18. To cancel your course at any time - simply send us an email at info@online-ielts-course.com - you can also cancel by filling in the form here.

19. Any clients stating they were on holiday, so they could not cancel their course will not be accepted, as all clients have the opportunity to cancel the course at any time using our email service from anywhere.  

20. All clients on the pay monthly plans can pause their membership at any time, but you must let us know via email prior to the next payment date. For example, if your payment date is the 1st of January, you should let us know at least 5 working days before your next payment is going to be taken. You can pause your membership, and we will stop taking payments. You can then let us know via email when you want to restart your course.

Online IELTS - Registered Office: 5 Wormwood Street, Liverpool Street, London EC2M 1RQ. All Rights Reserved (C) Copyright - Terms and Conditions - Email: info@online-ielts-course.com- Office Hours - Monday to Friday - 9am to 5:30pm (Excluding UK Public Holidays).  

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