Top Five IELTS Listening Tips

1) Assess the Questions 

Read and go through the questions first. This will help you to identify the answers and make the most of your time. 

2) Prepare

Prepare for what you may hear. If it is a gap fill related to measurements - be prepared to listen for measurements.

3) Focus

Focus on exactly what you hear and use a process of elimination. If the question says no more than three words - please do not use more than three words. 

4) Draft Out Your Initial Answers

Draft out your initial answers and leave the ones you cannot find until the end. Do not waste time finding them right away. You can use a best practice method to work them out and the process of elimination method. 

5) Complete All The Questions

Make sure you complete all the questions - even if you have to guess! Guessing is better than leaving blanks, because if you leave a blank you will not gain any marks, but a guess could get you the marks you need!  

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