Why the UK Is Still The Top Choice For IELTS Takers

Why the UK Is Still The Top Choice For IELTS Takers

The UK and the US despite how hard they are to get into are still by far the top choice among IELTS takers. London is a dream for many IELTS takers, as it’s a massive international city with a fantastic culture, nightlife, different cuisines and a cosmopolitan city with a huge population, which means that it has something for everyone. 1. The people – British people are tolerant and welcoming  

2. The food – The UK and in particular London has a unique blend of food offering a taste of everything. With world class restaurants in central London – there is Chinese, Indian, French and Italian food. You can find food from almost anywhere in the world. 

3. The weather – while the weather is not to everyone’s taste. London for example has distinct seasons – with mild to hot summers. Mild spring and winter can be cold with snowfall quite rare. People coming from hot countries love the weather, as it’s cooler than their own countries. On the other hand, people coming from colder countries find it very mild compared to their own country, which may have harsh winters. 

4. Opportunities – The UK has excellent work opportunities and study opportunities with world class universities and hospitals. 5. Leisure – The UK has lots of things to do and you can also travel to a lot of places in Europe – for example Paris is just a direct train ride away. Amsterdam is also now a direct train away via the Eurostar. Other destinations like Verona, Milan or the South of France can be reached within 2 hours or less!

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